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Friday Morning Coffee with Rena Warren

I have known Rena Warren for almost twenty years, going back to the beginning days of Opus Framing & Art Supplies.

Working in an art store with Rena was always entertaining and we could be, along with our co-workers, somewhat nutty…some of the time.


I have always admired Rena’s dedication and commitment to her art practice. She is a perfect example of hard work and persistence, two qualities every artist must embody.

I don’t get to see Rena as much as I would like but when we do get together our visits are filled with conversations about politics, literature, film, art and the local art scene.

Rena’s interests include music, travel, nature, writing, family and photography, all of which can be found in the layers in her paintings. Rena’s paintings can be bold and vibrant while at the same possess a calm and reflective quality.

For more information about Rena Warren check out her blog spot at

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